Elder law is a rapidly growing and highly specialized area of the law that focuses on helping seniors prepare for the financial, medical and legal challenges that come with growing older. As a law firm dedicated to asset protection for affluent individuals and families, we use the tools and strategies of elder law to protect our clients’ assets against the high cost of long-term care.

Did you know that nursing home care in California averages between $69,400 and $194,000 a year, with upscale facilities costing considerably more? These costs are expected to rise dramatically in the future. Given that people are living longer than ever before, the cost of long-term nursing home care can create financial difficulties for even affluent families.

At Christine C. Weiner, A Professional Law Corporation, we can use proactive planning to protect your assets in the event you require long-term care in the future, as well as help you cope with what is known as a Medi-Cal crisis situation.

Long-Term Care Planning
Newport Beach Long-Term Care Lawyer

Long-term care planning , also known as preventative Medi-Cal planning and proactive Medi-Cal planning, is for people who are currently healthy but want to prepare for the possibility that they will need long-term care in the future. We design customized plans to protect our clients’ assets proactively against the need for costly nursing home. The plan we create and implement for you can protect your assets for the benefit of your well-spouse, your children, and your lasting legacy. It can also help you become eligible for assistance from Medi-Cal as quickly as possible in the event you must enter a nursing home.

Coping With a Medi-Cal Crisis Situation
Newport Beach Medi-Cal Crisis Attorney

When a person must enter a nursing home on short notice, and has been told that he or she owns too many assets to qualify for Medi-Cal assistance to help pay for it, the situation is known as a Medi-Cal crisis. What you must understand is that the laws governing Medi-Cal eligibility are complex and change from one year to the next. Many long-term care professionals, and even lawyers who do not focus on elder law, lack a thorough understanding of the latest laws. We can use our experience in this area to protect your assets if you or someone you love is facing a Medi-Cal crisis.

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