The proliferation of lawsuits in the United States, together with expanding concepts of liability in U.S. courts make it increasingly difficult for high net worth families to protect wealth by employing strategies and instruments available solely in the U.S. This helps to explain the growth of offshore planning among certain high-risk professionals, and affluent families in general.

Offshore planning involves establishing legal entities in favorable foreign jurisdictions for the purpose of avoiding legal battles with domestic creditors and predators and protecting assets by moving them to jurisdictions that are beyond the reach of U.S. courts. In addition, offshore trusts can provide for the transfer of assets between generations without the threat of probate. Offshore planning also affords greater investment flexibility because offshore trustees can make investments that are not permitted by trustees in charge of domestic trusts.

At Christine C. Weiner, as CA offshore planning lawyers, we design asset protection structures for high net worth families, business owners and at-risk professionals in all of the major offshore jurisdictions. Unlike an offshore service provider based in only one jurisdiction, we can provide you with the multiple options and benefits inherent in alternative jurisdictions. We can also show you how to enjoy maximum asset protection, tax minimization and the potential for growing wealth by thoughtfully combining the best domestic options with those available solely overseas.

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