If You Own a Family Business, You Need to Understand and Implement Succession Planning

Family businesses – from mom-and-pop stores to home-based businesses – power our nation’s economy, from job creation to gross domestic product. They provide 60 percent of American jobs and nearly 80 percent of new jobs created, according to Forbes. In addition, family businesses produce 50 percent of America’s GDP. Mapping out your succession plan takes… Read More »

Helping Entrepreneurs Protect What They’ve Built

Successful entrepreneurs are great at turning their visions into vibrant, thriving businesses. They’re nimble in the marketplace and aren’t afraid to take chances. They’re good at many things – but estate planning often isn’t one of them. In a recent survey of 500 business owners by Entrepreneur, 80 percent didn’t have a power of attorney,… Read More »

Valuation Discounts Appear to Be Sticking Around

Recent developments on Capitol Hill appear to show that valuation discounts for family-owned businesses are not going away anytime soon. In April, President Donald Trump issued an executive order requiring the U.S. Treasury to identify within 60 days any regulations that impose an undue financial burden on taxpayers, add undue complexity to federal tax laws,… Read More »

Asset Protection is Essential for Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals

We all know that there are certain risks that come simply with owning property and building wealth; this is why just about everybody has some kind of insurance coverage, from simple home or auto insurance to more complicated asset protection strategies. But doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other “professionals” carry a different kind of risk; these… Read More »