Tax Scams the IRS Wants You to Avoid—For Their Benefit and Your Own

The IRS recently released its “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams”, and some of the items on the list will be of particular interest to anyone concerned about asset protection. According to this article in, taxpayers should “exercise caution during tax season to protect themselves against a wide range of schemes ranging from identity theft to… Read More »

The Dangers and Benefits of Offshore Trusts

The United States can be a very litigious country, where lawsuits can be filed with nothing more than a defendant and a complaint—whether that complaint is substantiated by evidence or not. The litigious nature of our culture is why it is so important for families and business owners to consider every option available to protect… Read More »

George Clooney’s New Movie Offers Informative, Entertaining Look at Trusts

George Clooney is starring in a movie about a family trust. Yes, you read correctly. “The Descendants,” which opened in select theaters last month, offers a great depiction of what the Trust industry is all about. The film comes from the creators of “Sideways” and “About Schmidt.” It tells a humorous and tragic story of… Read More »

The Mortensen Case: What Went Wrong?

Asset Protection Trusts can be very useful tools as a part of a well thought out, comprehensive asset protection plan.   In a recent blog, we took a look at DAPT trusts and the pro’s and con’s associated with this particular type of trust. An interesting case in which a domestic asset protection trust failed to… Read More »