Ruling from the Grave

I just read a recent Wall Street Journal article titled, “Trying to Control Your Heir’s Behavior from the Grave Often Backfires.” It was a short read, but it raised a number of issues for me. Here are some of my thoughts: Powder keg of emotions I think the article misses a major point. Most of… Read More »

Gambling Addiction Hits Seniors Hard

For seniors, financial pitfalls come in many forms: Ponzi schemes, Internet scams, a relative who takes advantage of them. But many also see their life savings slip away— and into casino coffers — because of their own actions. The AARP cites studies that estimate Americans lost $100 billion gambling in 2008 alone and that 4… Read More »

Help Clients Prevent Alzheimer’s from Destroying a Family’s Financial Future

Alzheimer’s disease, and the demands it places on a caregiver’s time and energy, can devastate a family’s emotional resources. It can devastate the family’s bank account, too. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.4 million Americans are living with it, and one in eight older Americans is afflicted with the progressive, incurable disease. The association says… Read More »

Tax Scams the IRS Wants You to Avoid—For Their Benefit and Your Own

The IRS recently released its “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams”, and some of the items on the list will be of particular interest to anyone concerned about asset protection. According to this article in, taxpayers should “exercise caution during tax season to protect themselves against a wide range of schemes ranging from identity theft to… Read More »