Tax Code Rewrite Favors Real Estate Over Art

Since the recent tax code overhaul, some of you may be confused about whether acquiring art or real estate would be a better investment for your estate and financial planning purposes. Congress kept the 1031 exchanges that allow real estate to be sold tax-free if the proceeds go to buy more property. That same advantage… Read More »

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for You?

The votes are in. Donald Trump is the President Elect. has published a great analysis piece on what the future of estate planning could look like under a Trump administration, and we believe the highlights are worthy of your attention. When Trump campaigned, he proposed the following tax reforms: •    Eliminating the federal estate… Read More »

Don’t Bet the House on Tax Reform

If you or your clients are waiting for meaningful tax reform measures to be signed into law this year, don’t hold your breath. The prospects are, in a word, dim. This isn’t 1986, when President Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill got together to overhaul the tax system. The chasm that divides the political sides… Read More »